K Murari Lal: Carpets Manufacturers in India – Carpets Exporters and Suppliers

Our passion is to create and manufacture carpets and rugs tailored to the needs of our customers. Established in 1972, K. Murari Lal & Sons created exciting and innovative product-machine-made oriental design rugs of high quality at realistic prices. It is a sensation that triggers royalty, heritage and artistic expression! Royalty is eternal and it is the K. Murari Lal & Sons heritage where artistic expression is spun and hand woven into forms that can adorn urban dwelling! With an experience spanning 3 generations and a global reach, K. Murari Lal & Sons is renowned for its elite, elegant and enamoring forms of art and expressions. K. Murari Lal & Sons is an aspiration, a desire that will meet the wants of those who value tradition, royalty and art. Its magic is created by its decades of experience; an experience that has over time woven together pieces of art by sourcing the right raw materials, loomed and hand crafted by skilled artisans to create artifacts.

K. Murari Lal & Sons has crafted a niche for itself in the hand woven carpets and offers the discerning customer of today carpets that has the essence of artistic expression, which is handcrafted by artisan to create pieces of art adding style to your interior décor. Today K.Murari Lal & Son is one of the leading World Class Carpet Manufacturers Brand across the Globe. We belong to the chain of worldwide renowned Carpet Exporters who delivers the remarkable collection and quality of products on time.

You may like to capture your thought, a design element or fond memories onto your carpets and this could be anything from a traditional design, a modern art outlook or a contemporary visual. K. Murari Lal & Sons has a team of design experts that can capture your imagination to create customized hand woven carpets. We also stand amongst the Finest World Class Leading Carpet Suppliers who supplies the product according to the latest trend, vibrant colours, rich texture & soothing outlook inculcated into our final designs.

Every home personifies the individual inhabitant and carpets are a great way to express such artistic sensibility. Carpets and Rugs are often used to add elegance to a room or can also be a style statement in interior decor. Whether it is a vivid color palette or an eye-catching pattern, such designer carpets give character to homes and work spaces.

Our traditional range of carpets combines antique grandeur and intricate charm and is passed on from generation to generation as a legacy item. As the traditional hand-woven carpets are considered objects of high artistic and utilitarian value that is why K. Murari Lal & Sons are able to build up esteemed business relations with our clients since last 4 decades. We have also outsourced our business in countries like U.S.A., Italy, South Africa, Japan, U.K., France etc. We are also the members of CEPC, STEP, RUGMARK, SEDEX.